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UTL 4 Label – 1.75”X2″

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Inspection Point Labels

Size: 1.75” by 2.00” with  .75″ by 1.75″ write-on blank area
Qty: 100/box
Color: Red

Inspection Point Labels are specially designed to identify Thickness Measurement Locations (TML’s) on non-insulated piping and vessels. Inspection labels have protected write-on areas for recording TML numbers, line numbers, etc. Labels are UV stable and resistant to most solvents, oils and household chemicals. 

Sold by full box only.

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Labels are of soft tempered matte clear sealed anodized aluminum foil. The anodizing process produces a coating that is sapphire hard, transparent, static resistant, and integral with the aluminum surface. The 3M #200 adhesive provides a strong bond on metal, plastic and painted surfaces and is chloride and fluoride free. They have self-laminating clear plastic flaps to permanently seal written information.

Service temperature: -50° to 350°F.

Additional information

Weight .48 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 2.0 × .01 in

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